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But you never know what is kept in the glass bottles that are returned for reuse. Or what was kept on the PET bottles when they were still returned for reuse instead of crushing.
Someone could return a bottles used for storing gasoline, rat poison or some other toxic stuff..
That is the reason given here when they switched from reusable plastic milk bottles to selling Milk in bags. The bags are made from Virgin plastic and where they are recycled they are used for "other products'.

Beer bottles are washed in a railcar sized machine called a "soaker" and at that the brewery has both machines and workers looking for cigarette buts and rodents in the fill line. I remember geting atour where the supervisor was showing a photocell that caught something in a bottle, he put the rejected bottle back on teh line and it WENT THROUGH!, he grabbed it and ran it two or three times before the photocell kicked it out for rewashing.