Hi there!

So, I just mixed up some fresh chemicals and wanted to process a test roll. I used Kodak T-Max 400 that I rolled myself.

Chemicals Used:
Developer: Tmax (Undiluted)
Stop: Kodak Indicator Stop--yellow/clear, not orange
Fix: Kodak Rapid Fixer (with hardener/part b, amount as recommended by Kodak)
Hypoclear: Kodak
Photoflo: Kodak

So, here are my issues. Basically, I wanted to test out the chemicals to make sure I had done everything correctly. I used some Tmax concentrate that was yellow-green in color, and some newer that was more clear. When I realized that I kind of freaked out, but I saw on another forum that yellow is ok. I haven't used that type of stop before...I'm not sure why the concentrate wasn't orange, so it wasn't yellow colored after I added water. After I fixed, the fixer came out pink. I tested it with hypocheck, and it was fine, just a little...'greasy' looking, like when it's just a bit spent. I have no idea why the fixer was pink and kind of freaked out. The hypoclear was a similar purple color, so I dumped it. But I think it just hasn't been made in a while. My film looked pretty normal, but I'll wait overnight to make sure. One roll had purple line/streaks right above the sprockets. I've seen this before with another one I rolled, but it wasn't on the other...also a source of confusion. That roll also had some fogging around the sprockets, and the other didn't.

That's a lot of confusion/a long post, but if you have any ideas or solutions, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!