Lots of questions here.

It is unclear from your post whether you were working with freshly mixed chemistry, or with chemistry that has been previously mixed and has been sitting a while.

When you say "Tmax (Undiluted)" do you mean that you used the Tmax concentrate, mixed up the stock solution as per Kodak's instructions, and then developed the film in that (undiluted) stock solution?

Did you use more than one Tmax concentrate?

Did the Kodak Indicator Stop concentrate have a very strong odour? If not, and if it wasn't orange in colour, it almost sounds as if it had already been diluted to working strength.

The pink colour in the fixer or hypo-clear is normal - T-Max 400 and many other films have dies in them that are used for a number of purposes. Those dies wash out at various stages of the process, but do not otherwise affect either the final state of your negatives or the health of your chemistry.

I'm not sure though what you mean when you say that "it just hasn't been made in a while".

Purple line/streaks above the sprockets sounds like what happens when the film sticks to the reels - it is just the result of the fixer not getting to the emulsion there. If you are concerned, you can just re-fix the film in the light (be sure to use the hypo-clear again and re-wash it well).