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I agree a tlr like a Rolleiflex may provide a better result. As you are using the camera at a position not disimilar to a tlr it is not the perspective in height but the abiluty to include more of the surroundings in the environment. Surroundings can be very important in placing and telling the story. A little more in the image might help in saying this is on a subway vs a bus, etc. An alternative is a wider lens on the Nikon.
I did use a 24mm lens for some of the photos, the first one above for example with the single boy. The last one is also made with a wide angle (and then slightly cropped). I have mostly been interested in faces and expressions, and not so much in the surroundings.

The style of the seats and windows and the subway plans in the background are easy to recognize. Personally I need nothing more to set the scene. The noisy carriages, the stairs, the magnificent platforms. In a way I have taken the Moscow subway itself for granted. But most of you have of course not seen it. Wouldn’t have thought of this myself.