Yesterday I had a flickr acquaintance over; he had expressed interest in learning how to develop his own B & W film. I did a demonstration of how to do it, and I had an extra tank and reel that I traded to him for a few rolls of film.

On his way home he picked up the required chemistry and late last night I got the following message from him:

"Well John, I did it! I have developed a roll of film! Holy cow it's easy! I can't get over how simple it is! I just processed a roll of Arista Premium 400 Professional... I'm just ecstatic about it! The roll came out great! I follow the directions for the developer (Kodak TMAX) which is 1+4... just fantastic! I will be scanning the images in tomorrow, as I just don't have the time tonight..
Thank you so much John!
I'm in your debt! "

Seeing the excitement of someone discovering the darkroom really brought a smile to my face