Consider, also, that your print sold from that gallery and, if you replaced the print that was sold with a new one, it would have a chance to sell again.

Sure, I would prefer not to give some of my money to somebody else but, in some cases, it is beneficial to both parties. You get to sell more prints. The gallery gets a cut of the proceeds.

Remember that there is a lot of politics at play in many (most?) galleries. If you are a favored artist, they will put your work in more prominent locations where it will sell faster and/or for a higher price. If the gallery owner/manager doesn't like you, your photos could be stuck in a corner of a back room, somewhere. No, it's not right but it happens.

Bottom line: Give your gallery some props. If they find you easy to work with and make money from your work, they'll be a lot more accommodating in the future.
(That doesn't mean you have to be a door matt.)