Gosh, it's been ages and ages since I last posted on here! Anyway, after a totally manic summer, I've settled back down into my traditional photography...

The 9x12 sliding box camera that I made has been out in anger, and after developing the negs in Cafenol it was apparent that I have a light leak. Fortunately it's not from the camera itself, but the darkslides not seating properly; so they'll need sorting. But, early this year I also bought an old brass lens but the focus is too long for the sliding box.

There's only one thing for it, and that's to build a new camera! Then, the other day, I thought I'd make a bucket (don't ask!). Then I thought that this bucket would allow me to transport water around for a portable darkroom.

So, now I have two projects, a new camera and a portable darkroom (which I want to fit on to a cart and that will mean making the wheels and everything!). Anyway, here's the first bit, the Oak bucket...

I'll update this as and when I build a new part to it, and if anyone has any pictures of a C19th / early C20th itinerant photographers darkroom I'd love to see them