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That is a wonderful book you are publishing. I especially like the portraits of passengers. But one also gets a feeling of the entire thing, the tunnels, stops, wagons etc. And such a good idea to make a book. The blurb is book on demand service, right? They print and deliver the books after each order? It is true that a TLR would be easier to get away with, but the Moscow metro is dim so I really need the depth of field that 35 mm gives on f4, f2.8, sometimes f1.8. Also, I really like the puzzled faces I sometimes get. The woman with the number 51 in the background for example.

About the Walker Evans book, I am already ordering it. By the way, there will be a Helen Levitt exhibition in Stockholm starting next week, which I am looking forward too. The photography world must have been small in those days.

Perkelleinen, you said something about the angle of view earlier. I have been thinking, some of my pictures are made with an almost unpleasant angle. Too low. Thanks for that observation.

Thanks Erik. I'm still going through an edit of the book at the moment so the final product will probably be quite a bit different. As one of my mentors pointed out, in it's current form it feels like two different books. Keeping that in mind, I'll probably be removing the London Underground content (not that they're bad photos, they just don't fit with the SD Trolley images).

Blurb is very much an on demand service. At no cost to the book maker, they let you set up a "storefront" and do all of the fulfillment. You set the profit margin you'd like to receive (above Blurb's cost). I usually use them to produce keepsake books for my commercial clients and I use SharedInk for my personal work. The problem with Blurb, until recently, was that their print quality wasn't that great. The problem with SharedInk is lack of a market place (I have to order the copies and pay out of my pocket to do so). Blurb seems to have improved their output quality so I'm trying them for this to see if I can drum up a few extra dollars to go in my pocket.