You can get an auxillary rangefinder that mounts on the flash shoe or can be handheld and then set the distance scale on a nonrangefinder camera. You also may want to look at some of the older cameras such as Zeiss and Voigtlander that made some excellent folders, some with rangefinders, and fixed body. A Zeiss Ikonta folder with rangefinder can be had for not a lot in user condition, has an excellent lens and even with a cla can be in or near your price range. A benefit of the Zeiss is folded it can easily fit in your pocket and easiely a daily carrier. If willing to go for an aux rangerfinder which can be had for nect to nothing, it opens up the field quite a bit. Voightlanders with Color Skopar lenses are wonderful shooters, I have a Vito II and love it. The glass is top notch in every way.