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If you want to use Ektar the new version Ektar 100 according to Kodak is just as sharp and fine grained as the old ISO 25 stuff, that's progress.
I've shot the new Ektar 100 and though it is great, it doesn't have that look that I remember seeing as a child. It almost looks like my 5d after it's been scanned and that was with cheap Minolta kit glass and a woeful 70-300 Tamron.

Whereas the Ektar 25 from 20 years ago I can instantly see the film grain and I know it's film, which was done through my Nikkormat. Absolutely lovely grain, in my gallery are a few shots of a classic car show that I did and I had a few prints made from it. Some of my friends asked me if that car show was going on in the 80's. I chuckled inside.