Guy wants to continue using film, but that's an off-topic topic? Arghhh. Apug drives me nuts sometimes.

I've not used the lab you mention. But if you are willing to ship it to the US, NCPS ( does B&W, decent scans, and prints. Developing is $5.75/roll, scans are either $7 or $12 per roll. The $7 scans are 3000x2000, the $12 ones are larger. Personally, the $7 scans (the 'budget' ones) are plenty good enough - I'd save the $5/roll for something else. That gets you down to $13/roll plus shipping. I've never gotten prints from them. But I would imagine the prints are done straight from the scans, so if you have a local place that does prints from digital files, just get your stuff dev'd and scanned, pick out the keepers, and then take those files to your local place and get the prints done. You'll likely save a lot of money that way. The people at NCPS are very nice and if the first batch of scans comes back to contrasty or something not to your liking, include a note in the next batch and/or call them and I'm sure they'll work with you to get something you are happy with.

What I do is just get the scans for my color (I do my own B&W at home). If I need prints, I do it at one of the many online places like MPix or WHCC, etc. Then you get a choice of output papers, Kodak, Fuji, etc. Some places even offer prints on B&W photo paper, RC or FB, from digital files.

Lastly, I'm sure Bob at Elevator does wonderful work. I'm not sure how much it would cost you though