Since the sponsor ads all advertise scanning as a main draw towards the use of film, I cannot see how this could be off-topic for APUG. They advertise the service on APUG as a complement to analog service. Without scanning I would not even be using film at all. Without scanning I doubt they would even be in business at all.

I cannot find anywhere on APUG where lab services are discussed, compared, evaluated, and so on. That would be very useful. It would have to include some comparison of scanning as bundled services are what some offer so that's intrinsic to the value. I would think this discussion would be helpful to sponsors and healthy for their industry. I would not use their products otherwise, and I find hunting for this information tedious. The odd firewall here about scanning is at odds with the sponsor's services. When it comes down to it, I'd rather support the lab than APUG ;-)

I don't necessarily need a Canada supplier as some places appear to offer great shipping anywhere in North America, which is a terrific business innovation.

I'll try The Darkroom and this place:

Prices are reasonable for my volume, scans look good, and they print B&W to RC paper. I'll try the Ilford C-41 BW film as well. Never liked the Kodak stuff. Maybe it was the paper. Always came out bluish even when I tried different labs.

Ilford put me on to this place:

Scans are pricey but the rest not.

It's really good to see industry stepping up to accommodate the mail order and traditional services. I guess they are really struggling to keep costs down so volumes are not horribly affected. If I can get 25 rolls done for $400/year I am good. It's when it gets above that that film stops being an option. I think without lab users like me this will have a bad outcome for all film shooters. That's why I asked about Ilford's central processing in North America. The insane shipping costs aside, that model would keep me shooting film for the foreseeable future.

Tim gray, thanks a lot. I'll check that place as well. Their scans are more than adequate for 4x6. I really appreciate the cost/benefit analysis.

Thanks to all again.