Glad to read that you are still alive and consious! How is that T-Grain emulsion comming along?
Denise and Ron and Everyone,
Denise's refference to "Silver-Gum" reminded me of an idea first posed (as far as I know) by Jim Browning, of Dye Transfer fame. He posed the posibilty of adding pigments to dye sensitised silver-halide emulsions for printing color separation work. This has always been in the back of my mind as I work on a panchromatic emulsion. Or even a 3-emulsion system, using 2 dyes. I wonder if anyone reading this post is awaire of any process,past or pressent that uses this concept.(?)
I ruined my last emulsion by being too stingy with my AgNO3. Images were just too weak. Now I must wait for my 29% ammonia (absolutely reqired) to arrive. Then I will up the Ag concentration a whopping X4.