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Hay John.
I am excited about this class. You probably do not need to clear anything out of the way, I have AC powered studio strobes, and we might try some at night, but we might also try some battery powered strobes with slaves... .

Enjoy the class.

Okay on not needing to set up in the basement. To help you plan your options here are the outlets available outside. The garage has been rewired recently with three circuits and many outlets. Just don’t blow the freezer and forget to tell us to reset. The patio on the pond side will accept one plug. It looks like a double, but the second one is a gfi. That may not be a good spot. The deck running along the SW side of the house has four outlets on two circuits. The street side has no outlets and lots of poison ivy. Not a good place to wander in the dark.

Remember that some local attendees go home before or just after dinner and will not be here when it is dark.