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Discussion of scanning/digital output is supposed to be off topic on APUG, that's why there's a sister forum DPUG.

My own view is there's a need in case like yours for some discussion but Moderators have been known to close threads like this one hence my comments.

Have a look at this website which is mentioned on Ilfords own website, I assume they also dev & scan as they sell films.

If APUG shut down a thread like this for such pathetic reasons I would inform the sponsors of the ads that my biz would go elsewhere as a result of such censorship. The analog world doesn't need this silliness dividing a shrinking market. Film companies have gone from being key Olympic sponsors to a mere presence on a niche website. They'll get it.

Like the OP I too depend on labs, those labs scan, they advertise they scan on the banner ad, so it's a facilitation by APUG. I'm staring at one as I type.