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135 Nikkor w has been on my short list, although a few people seem to disagree about its performance.

Fujinon 125mm w could also be a winner, what is any body's experience with this one?
Fujinon-Ws are great. I picked up a 150mm f/5.6 from a member here, no complaints at all. Pretty standard plasmat type, it's going to be roughly the same as a Symmar or any -N type of lens. The earlier (inside lettering) -Ws have slightly more coverage but are single coated, the later -NW lenses are labelled "FUJINON-W" (on the outside) but are multicoated and have slightly less coverage. Yes, Fuji did a terrible job marketing these, and there seems to be a lot of cosmetic changes through the production runs.

You could also look at a Super Angulon 120mm or a Fujinon-SW for extra movements, but they'll be slow or pretty big and heavy. Old ads say a 5in Dagor would be 125mm and would cover 5x7 at f/45.

Once you get past the weird options, the whole question is fairly quixotic, the biggest difference between modern (non-SW) plasmats are going to be realistic coverage when stopped down, coatings, and weight. KEH has a Symmar-S 135 f/5.6 MC for $225 right now (covers 190mm), if I was itching to buy a 135mm that would do nicely. For $286, they have the Fujinon-W 135 f/5.6 (no idea which version, either 206 or 228mm coverage)