Heya Bruce, nice to see you here!

LOL at "tossers." I actually got a fair amount of amusement out of some of those over at that other place, but eventually left for other reasons. Haven't looked in there in...oh, I guess maybe a year now. In addition to film, I am also shooting a lot with Pentax lately, so there's not really a "club" I can join for that over there.

I appreciate the advice, and it makes a lot of sense. To be honest, I'm fairly methodical in a lot of things (comes from being a biochemist), and I have been very careful with my developing process....I time things very tightly and I record everything in a database I created for my iPad. However, for some reason, I just got in the mindset that once developing was done, I could relax a little, and I just never carried over the methodical part to my fixing. Obviously, now that I've been given cause to see it, that didn't make much sense.

I am indeed very new to analog. Having started with digital and stuck there for 7 years or so, I only last year decided to see what film was all about. At the outset, I was completely clueless, and never even considered developing my own film until I got some encouragement from a guy at the local shop. Glad he pushed me into it! I'm having a blast, but still obviously have much to learn.