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But as Ian pointed out above, any time that issues of scanning are tangential to a thread, they can and sometimes do become the primary focus of the thread, in which case the thread is vulnerable to being shut down.

As an example, if the thread became about which lab does the best scans, it would probably be shut down.
Which is totally ridiculous. That's a fact.

Scanning is what labs mostly do now. It's their core business model with regards to film. They advertise on APUG with banners that say so. I'm staring at one again as I type.

The whole concept behind APUG is facilitate analog film use in a digital age. If APUG throws a moderation barrier between a potential customer of an analog lab and a customer because the s*** word is over-used, that is a surefire way to drive people away not from APUG, but from the lab.

The relationship between a photog and a lab is maybe more important now than ever for well-known economic reasons, so to limit discussions about what a lab does via APUG threads is a disservice to the lab, a turn-off to potential customers, and is ultimately self-estructive to the analog photographic community. I want to know which labs do dip and dunk vs roller, which do true black and white paper versus color, and what their scan resolutions are comparatively, and what prices. They offer packages so should be discussed as a package for value and quality. That's the whole reason they advertise here.

A sidebar discussion about a lab's scan quality is not only healthy, but it drives business. I see the word "scan" in an APUG ad and I think I should ask on APUG about that service package, hear about the value from others here. After all, that's where the ad is, driving that synergy.

Clearly the advertisers on APUG "get it" while some other types here I guess do not. The whole idea that a thread could get shut down for such talk is only a means to drive a wedge between the customer and APUG advertisers. That's the opposite of facilitation. I already described what that is.

I have been over to DPUG and it's a wasteland. The action is here but the way spook posters here about scanning is certainly not doing the advertising labs and Ilford etc. any favors.