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The action is here but the way spook posters here about scanning is certainly not doing the advertising labs and Ilford etc. any favors.
Agreed. Purism is fine, as it will satisfy a narrow segment. However, the way some domineering vocal members here are so anal about analog, as revealed by their signature lines about proctologists and upraised digits, is hardly an attraction for photographers who come here to, you know, like, maybe, learn something about film photography. The chauvinists write things like 'To represent a proper balance digital users are called "crackheads", "have no clue" and "dog turds"'. They tried to run me off the site in my first week here because I dared to explain that fundamentally both digital and analog photography are electronic imaging systems. They thought I might be a new user who didn't know anything about developing or enlarging and when their dirty deed was done they could go back to slapping each other on the back happy their little corner would be smug and pure.

Unfortunately, most who approach this site don't want to stand up to such bullying or have the time for it.

[Since the off-topic continues and I can't beat it, I join it.]