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Sorry, this is incorrect - from the very top of the page: "APUG.ORG is an international community of like minded individuals devoted to traditional (non-digital) photographic processes."

I'm not disagreeing with you about the value of discussions about labs and scanning. It just that APUG has decided for very good reasons not to go there. The issue has been revisited many times, and the same decision has been made each time.

And throughout that process, APUG has continued to grow and prosper.
1. Clearly not everyone is "like-minded".

2. APUG has to censor people "not to go there" even if it is clearly linked to advertising revenue that allows analog business to even exist. Think about that for a second.

3. Think about it some more, especially what happens when advertisers are involved and the feedback they may receive.

4. That does not mean that the decision is correct. Again, there is clearly not consensus.

5. Films disappear because people are not buying them. Creating an artificial wedge issue does not help that cause.

I am not saying that open-ended Photoshop discussions are on the table. There's enough places for that. But scanning is now an integral part of lab services and labs drive customers to analog, or at least keep them there. For a majority of film users it is the only way to participate in the larger market.

To cut off that discussion in an analog photo site is self-destructive behavior catering to a narrow few who are fighting a lost cause. I know a ton of young people who would like to mess with film, but they live in a digital world (like APUG advertisers) and need the bridge. DPUG isn't cutting it. They need discussions about labs and scanning and Flickr is not the place either.

What irks me is when a senior member comes into discussions here and starts waving the "shut down the thread" sign like a school marm. If you cannot talk about a lab's broader services, then this really is a darkroom-only forum and the header quoted is deceptive. People should have the guts to come right out and say that "traditional" means darkroom (and Polaroids) instead of being patronizing. A huge number of people interested in film need a better dialogue on APUG including lab scanning services. Putting them into some ghetto for "their kind" is pitiful and frankly, not defensible. This will get back to advertisers because APUG will get a label as lab-unfriendly. People like me will tell advertisers the negative things about them being associated with APUG. The # of APUG subscribers is shockingly small compared to how big the film market used to be.