I have two. My old trusty Nikon FG and a Mamiya C33.

Everyone seems to drop the C33 when I hand it to them. I guess they just don't expect it to weigh so much. It's built like a tank, though, so it always pulls through just fine.

I look at the FG almost as a disposable camera. They cost so little these days, if something bad happens to it, I can replace it for about $20. That being said, it always ends up on my backpacking trips since it's so cheap and so light. It's tumbled down mountainsides, been rained on, snowed on, had the film door frozen shut, survived dust storms in the desert, etc... No matter what I do to it, it refuses to die. Even the meter is still spot on!

I think my F bodies are probably better built, but I'm not interested in finding out for sure.