I forgot to share the story of the medium format camera of mine that got hit by a truck. I was taking a 60 minute exposure in the desert, and I had the tripod in the middle of a dirt road in 29 Palms. 40 minutes in, I had to pee. I decided, ah hell, it's 4 in the morning. Nobody but me has come down this road all day and night. I can go run inside real quick. Of course, that is when I hear an old truck rattling down the road. I ran outside ASAP, waving my flashlight, but it was too late. The driver and I had a good chuckle about it. Apparently he didn't see the camera, because he was looking around trying to figure out what all the shoutin' and flashlight wavin' was about.

The Bogen 3051 was destroyed, but the camera lived without any issues. I just had to spend an hour cleaning the dirt out of it. Still haven't developed that film.

The moral of the story: Just pee in the dirt.