It's no surprise I'm the only microstock photographer to have posted so far (and am probably loathed and despised for it by many) but in many ways my story is similar to several others. After an early interest in photography that I couldn't keep going when I had to start paying for nappies and then school fees etc, I found myself in a high-pressure, high profile job, running a newspaper. Eight years ago, I got the digital rebel and stumbled over microstock. I liked that people paid a bit for some of my pictures - and then the money got more and more serious.

By the time I parted company with the day job, five years ago, I found I could live on the money stock was paying me, so I never went back to "work". I go through periods when I find producing microstock-type pictures emotionally unrewarding, so then I go back to experimenting with film and old or antique cameras and devote time to studying techniques. That's an endless source of fascination to me. Fortunately, so far the money just seems to keep coming in, even if I do very little "work" for a month or two so I'm on a sort of permanent sabbatical.

One advantage of shooting film is that it isn't the right medium for microstock (even though I have a number of film shots on sale there) so carrying a Crown Graphic, Mamiya TLR or a Super-Ikonta frees me from the "will it sell" mentality that I get into with my 5D II.