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Looks very good. My favorite is the double exposure of the signs, I think. Everything about the processing looks fine as far as I can tell from glancing over the scans.

The area where I feel most inadequate is just basic photographic skills when it comes to black and white. I still don't have the eye to be able to spot scenes and lighting situations with the naked eye and imagine how they will look in B&W.
That ability develops with practice, I guess. I still feel like I'm awful at it, but if I look back at my older photos I can see the improvement. I'd agree with you about the importance of lighting in b&w especially; it also takes some experience to understand when something that looks good in color is going to turn to grey mush in b&w (this happens to me all the time with foliage, where the subtle shades of green don't end up well differentiated in the photo).

The good news is, the required practice is fun.