In 35mm I'm primarily a Nikon shooter but after much research I've nearly decided to buy the Canon 24mm TSE II with a cheap used Canon body (probably a EOS 1n). 24mm is a very useful focal length for me, as is TSE functionality (I use the Nikkor 45mm and 85mm PCE lenses quite often) and this particular Canon lens seems to be pretty much the best 24mm SLR lens ever. It is sharp (so is the Nikkor 24mm PCE), but it also has almost zero distortion! Wow! I had a chance to try one out and I was really impressed, so much so that I'm willing to spend an additional few hundred dollars for a used Canon body just for this lens. The only annoying thing about Canon bodies is the stupid way they incorporate mirror lockup (which is a must-have for me). Why couldn't they make a damn lever like Nikon, instead of having you access all sorts of wonky menus? Oh well. A minor annoyance I suppose.

Anyone else have this lens? Do you love it?