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Regarding the Digibase stabilizer, the manufacturer states:
"Another question has been the working solution of the stabilizer. The stabilizer can be used twice. (Without agitation!)". This is from an email reply from Rolleifilm posted earlier in this thread.
But the instructions say that 1L of stabilizer working solution has capacity of 60 films. How can I stabilize 60 rolls in 1L of solution that can be reused only once???

Also, dilution and capacity information on stabilizer bottle is very different from the instruction sheet. Which one is correct? What dilution & capacity are you using?
There must be a mistake either in the post or the instructions. That is the one real weakness that I see with the Rollei kit - you get far less stabilizer compared with the rest of the chemicals... and even less when you go to the 2.5L kit.

I've taken to just mixing less stabilizer and hoping for the best, increasing agitation time at the end of the process. I know from using Ilford Wetting Agent in a B&W process that just a tiny amount of that stuff will foam / suds up like crazy. My experience with the Kodak & Tetenal stabilizers for C-41 & E-6 processes indicates that those chemicals don't suds up as much, but I still tend on the side of caution and underuse rather than overuse the stabilizer... especially since I'm doing everything one-shot with the Rollei kit, and don't particularly like re-using chemistry unless it's replenished somehow.