The creative part of a Krappy Kam is its Krappy Lens - invariably a plano-convex with the aperture mounted too close to the lens. The problem is the rest of the Kam is so unreliable, and usually the worse [better] the lens the more unreliable the shutter/winding mechanism/door latch/etc.. The Empire Baby is probably the worst/best example. It was also my first camera, purchased at the age of 7 for 2s/6d [make it 50 cents] at Woolworths. It cost a lot less than the film and processing that I had to wheedle out of parents and relatives.

Reliable almost-a-toy cameras from Kodak, Herbert George ('Imperial'), Ansco and others had meniscus lenses and correctly placed apertures and produced results that were uninteresting.

'Lens Baby' was supposed to be the answer - a crappy lens for your Nikanoltax - but the prices got out of hand and the lenses never had the right amount of optical charm. I have found a good lens is a Spiratone Portagon coupled to a 2x extender - without the extender there is too much peripheral blur.

A Petzval portrait lens for 35mm would be intriguing.