In post 37 I mention a Civil War exhibit we might visit at the Canton Art Museum if we have rain. Today I learned about a photography exhibit at Akron Univ. That exhibit would be on a direct route to the Canton one.

My favorite professor curates this show. Here is the promo piece.

September 12 - October 22, 2011
Photo Fictions:
Staged, Constructed, and Altered Images
Exhibition Curator: Penny Rakoff_

Photographers have always understood that photographs
possess intrinsic authenticity in the mind of the viewer.
Contemporary artists, seizing upon this phenomenon, take
delight in creating their own realities. Manipulation of the
image can occur at many stages, from constructing or directing
the scene, whether taken in the landscape or in the studio, to
technical manipulation on the computer or in the darkroom.
This work is diverse in style, ranges from monumental to small
scale and incorporates various processes.

The photographs in this exhibit come primarily from the
Northeast Ohio collections of Fred and Laura Bidwell and John
C. Williams. Additional works are from the collections of Mark
Soppeland and Barbara Tannenbaum, The Akron Art Museum,
William S. Lipscomb, and from artists Carl Toth, Mary Jo Toles,
and Barry Underwood.

(Note: the Bidwells have a huge modern collection and have built a photographic wing on the new Akron Art Museum. Barbara Tannenbaum has just left the Akron Art Museum after 27 year to become the Photography curator for the Cleveland Museum of Art.)

Thomas Allen
Julie Blackmon
Christopher Bucklow
Kelli Connell
Denis Darzacq
Adam Fuss
Lynn Geesaman
Simen Johan
Doug Keyes
Laura Letinsky
Loretta Lux
Lori Nix
Luis Gonzalez Palma
Deb Pinter
Angelika Rinnhofer
Allison Rossiter
Cindy Sherman
Lauren Simonutti
Sandy Skoglund
Amy Stein
Ruth Thorne-Thomsen
Mary Jo Toles
Carl Toth
Barry Underwood
William Wegman
Kehinde Wiley

Emily Davis Gallery
Myers School of Art
(330) 972-6030
150 E. Exchange Street
Akron, OH 44325