I'm almost ready to begin 16x20 printing. I just have a few conerns/questions.

- Anyone using the single tray processing method? In theory it sounds ideal, saving the most space, but pouring and pouring and pouring would get old after I while I would imagine.

- How much chemistry in a 16x20 tray? I use 2L now for 11x14, so 3L? or 4?

- How necessary is a print washer for 16x20? I have one for 11x14 and love it but can't afford another one for 16x20. I have tray siphon which would work for low volume work.

- Ok to handle the print with hands? I've never used tongs and don't intend to.

Any other advice or suggestions would be great!


With my small darkroom I had in Japan, the one tray method worked well. You get used to pouring the chemistry back and forth too. Didn't even think about it. 2L of solution in each tray. I have a 20x24 print washer here, but only use it if I have made several prints (which is extremely rare). I like the hypo eliminator, water soak and dump method of washing in a tray. Two hands on the corners of the print when pulling it out, but if you use just one tray, the print stays put until you stick it on the wall to inspect. Make sure you rinse the tray well after the fix stage!