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Except for the noise of the auto-focus on the G2, the only reason to get a Leica instead is snob factor.


Try and find a 21mm lens with finder for the Leica M for under $1K
I normally don't like to get into the Leica crap, but really? I can think of several reasons to shoot an M mount camera. Manual focus, f/1.4, and 70+ years of LTM and M mount lenses.

Also, a great M mount 21 - the Cosina Voigtlander 21/4. $400 without finder. If you want one with a finder for $400, you have to get the LTM mount one. There are two nice Zeiss 21s for M that are a bit more than $1000, but not that much more.

Not saying the G isn't a great camera with great lenses.