Hi guys,

I'm looking for whatever 8x10" setup you have laying around and don't want anymore, basically. If the price is right I'll take anything down to a complete junker with bits falling off. If I need to patch the bellows or replace a ground glass, I don't mind.

I've got a year long stint an Artist in Residence here in South Australia, with 24 hour access to my own studio space and a two month exhibition at the end. I've been using my Speed Graphic but an 8x10" would be more ideal for a lot of things, considering I'm leaning towards making contact size copperplate photogravures.
I already have film holders and a lens to cover.

Obviously I'm looking for something reasonably priced, I don't care what brand but I would be slightly leaning in the direction of a wooden folding camera. Beggars cant be choosers. Happy to offer a print to trade, in full or in part, if any interest you.