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Selling a Contaflex with the additional lenses. I'd sell of al lot of stuff including my pen collection before that system. I had one and looked for years for the lenses but they were at the time next to totally impossible to find or were banged up so badly to be nearly unusable. What version Contaflex is yours?
I discovered the Contaflex Alpha at a garage sale. Sent it for CLA and a spool. Found the Tele & WA 1 at a time seperately. Found the Contina III at a thrift store. Alpha and Contina both take the lenses. Contina marked in the viewfinder so no seperate finder needed. Have cases for both and a case for the aux. lenses NIB.

Actually not that hard to collect these. It's the Pro Zeiss 35 system that is hard to find and dear when you do.

The lens on the Graphic is a cold war Jena 105 Tessar.

Got the Ikoflex for selling a coworker's grandfather's camera estate on the net.

Found the 6X4.5 at a garage sale. Love that little folder.

Traded the old Zeiss from a Dutch collector in flight training at a local Air Force Base.

Got the Icarette (I have nearly 100 127 vest pockets of various makes and models) for a song from a well known internet auction site.

The Super Ikonta 533/16 is for sale now.

It's the quest, not the having.