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Yea I definitely need square bellows for what I'm working on. Its one of my homebrew camera designs. Pulling them off of an old enlarger isn't a bad idea. I used to have several sitting around but tossed them last time we did a big cleaning.

I could just make them I suppose. Ian, can you reference any link that you got instructions or a pattern from and also the materials you used. I've made them before but used too thick material so they didn't work out that well.

Thanks to all for the help!
I make my own materials, I restore focal pnae and other curtain shutters and make my own shutter cloth and essentially used this for my bellows.

It's very simple, I use black acrylic paint to seal and make thin black material light-tight, I work it into the cloth wiping off excess - this part is important for best flexibility. I've used 4 different Acrylic paints up to now, while all are fully light-tight I prefer one variety for shutter curtains as there's better flexibility, and another for things like bellows where the finish is more silk like (as opposed to matt). I do use the matt finish on the inside of bellows. It's aslo usefull for restoring bellows.

I found you needed to look at a few website for bellows making, none was quite right, I tend to make a paper version first, and now have my patterns drwn up in CorelDraw which I just adapt as needed.

Will check out the Durst bellows in an hour or so if I can find them.