I was not awair that I had to choose. We are talking about two distnct types of "inspiration". Your work inspires the "tinkerer/technical/scientist" in me. That hapens to be the dominant part of me. I have not spoken of it befor because it is a daily dominent part of me. Just the daily ho-hum thing for 50 years. Denise inspires me with a leval of Art which eludes me. I tell people that I am not an artist, not a scientist, but a tinkerer. I make no apologies for that. It is just what I like to do. If I was an Arist, I would just try to "master" the formulas and procedures that other people have perfected. But my atraction to photograpic images on glass has forced me into the world of The Tinkerer.
I was taken by Denise's Spiral Staircase, the other three images,ehh, not so much. My eyes are very picky. Most images, no mater who did them, just get a "nice" out of me. and a "nice" without a capial "N".