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Kirk, are running old ARP 2600s and MiniMoogs or is it new-fangled stuff?

Me, I am just doing the usual armchairing stuff, but the photos that Denise put up got me thinking again...
Yes - I actually do have an ARP 2600 and a Minimoog. Since you are familiar with those two synths, I also have a Jupiter 8, OB-8, D-50, JP-800, JP-8000, and a Rev 1 Prophet-5 - they only made 184 of the first revisions of the P-5. That's the highlights for synths, for samplers I also have a Roland S-50 with a mouse and video monitor so it's just like a little Fairlight (which I hope to get someday...), a Prophet 2000, and an Emulator II. Drum machines - I have a Linn LM-1 drum machine. I only have one synth from after 2000, almost all of it is mid 80s and earlier.

My musical influences range from Kraftwerk, JM Jarre, Human League, Depeche Mode, on up to Ladytron.

There's about 20 items in all in my collection. Lots of stuff to play with when you don't have time to get in the darkroom and work on making emulsions.