Hopefully this won't start a war; I'm sure there are as many opinions on this as there are methods, but I have some specific talking points.

Recently I've had some C-41 stuff done at several local labs, one being a very long established "Pro" lab, down to the local camera shop. To the best of my knowledge, they are all using Noritsu processors.

It seems all of the film (Portra and Ektar) I have had done on the minilabs has come back with too much contrast, pronounced grain, and heavy color casts in the base. Some to the point where I feel they are unusable, even the prints I've had them make (compared to me scanning negs). Not to mention the negs have always come back horribly scratched.

I have also done a few on my Jobo, with the Jobo 3 bath kit. I find the grain, contrast, and base to be much more under control, but still I'm not sure if I am leaving something on the table. Of course scratching and dust is a complete non issue.

I'm thinking this all may have to do with developing speed and agitation? The only thing I haven't tried is traditional small tank developing. I'm wondering if the gentler agitation will give me finer grain and smoother tones, or would small tank with a 3 bath kit be about the same in a Jobo CPP2 or small tank?