Hi All

Well I have a Mamiya 6 + 3 lenses on the way. I have read so much on this site that I think I have forgotten almost everything I've read. It's confusing for a new guy. Any way I need some roll film so I have up to $1000AUD to spend at B&H (customs). I have posted it here as Aussies are more likely to be aware of what can/can't be shipped and what's cheaper at vanbar

Film - HP5
Developer - HC110
Stop - Ilfostop Stop Bath (500ml)
Fix - Ilford rapid fixer (500ml, 1L, 5L) - How quick is this used up. What size?
I'm tossing up between Rodinal and HC-110. It doesn't look like Rodinal is available at B&H. I'm after a general developer with long shelf life. Maybe ID-11 powder might be better?

This is where I need help. I want to use Kodak flexicolor chemicals (or fuji if cheaper) but there are SM, LORR, RA types. What give the best shelf life + cheapest cost per roll? I don't mind replenishing.
Film - portra 400, ektar 100
Developer - ?
Bleach - ?
Fix - ?
Stabiliser -not needed for new film? I have access to distilled water for final rinse,

It seems that you have to buy huge quantities 25gal. Will this go off by the time I get around to using it. Fuji seems to have smaller quantities available. Or, does anyone in Adelaide require c-41 chemicals maybe I could order and then split?

Sorry to ask for so much help in one hit