I find these days it's basically hit and miss no matter which magazine. Some issues are interesting to me, some not at all. That's why I don't have any subscriptions anymore. I go to the magazine store, flip through and see if something's worth buying. Sometimes you see an issue that's nearly all about digital methods etc, so I don't bother. Other times I might buy an issue simply because I like the work presented in it (for example a recent issue of View Camera that featured previously unissued George Tice work cover to cover - that was pretty exciting for me).

I guess at this point the thing is I don't need the technical advice, equipment tests etc that I used to enjoy reading in all sorts of magazines from View Camera to Popular Photography, and in general most everything technical in magazines is related to digital anyway, so none of them are of much interest to me anymore from that perspective. Of the current magazines I tend to buy B&W/Color (American) most often, and sometimes View Camera. I don't like much of the UK stuff other than the occasional issue of Black and White Photography.