I think I have an 80 or 90mm Omegaron floating around. If that's of interest let me know - I'll check this weekend and PM you.
If you can check on this that would be great. Please let me know if its an 80 or 90 and what f-stops it has. Thanks!

I have a 135mm deJur with mounting flange and lensboard you are welcome to for postage.
Can you tell me what the max aperture is on it? I just received a 135mm f4.5. If yours is faster I can definitely use it.

I've got a 75mm Omegaron....send me a pm if you want.
Can you tell me the max aperture on this one? I think I'm all set with a 75mm but if yours is faster I may be interested.

Thanks for all the help everyone. Im looking mainly for lenses in the 85-105 range at this point. I've found most of the other focal lengths I need.