These threads tend to be more useful in my opinion if an actual list is compiled at some point at the top of the thread...

But, I've been happy with mail order processing with North Coast Photo ( and Precision Camera ( Both do decent lab work for 35mm and 120.

North Coast Photo (NCPS) offers both budget and enhanced scans; I think the budget scans are pretty decent for the price. They end up being about $12/roll for development and 2000x3000 scans. Their 120 scans are a bit more stingy - 2k x 3k as well.

Precision Camera is offering developing and scanning for about $12/roll too, but they give you 4000x6000 scans on 35mm. For other formats, they are even bigger for the same price. I think I got back 12000 x 4000 for my XPan scans. If you use this link ( you can get the cheaper price. Also, they have been returning the negs cut to a length of your specification sleeved in high quality sleeves, the kind you might get from Archival Methods.

I have full rez samples online from both companies if anyone is interested.