We have a new opportunity this event. You have heard me talk about and seen some of my prints of the amazing, living history museum in the neighborhood. Several of you have asked if we could all shoot there. The owner has agreed. He would appreciate copies of some of your images later on. He enjoys documenting the place and learning how others see his collection.

Here is how he describes his project. “Richfield Ohio’s Jim Fry has created The Museum of Western Reserve Farms and Equipment, dedicated to preserving the tools, equipment, skills and way of life lived by Ohioans in the 1800s. Mr. Fry, a farmer, historian, and artist, has collected 44 buildings including what may be the largest surviving early blacksmith shop in Ohio, the oldest barn in the state, the Stouffer farm smokehouse, and one of the largest surviving post and beam barns in Summit County. The farm is constantly evolving as animals, tools, buildings, machines, in various states of preservation are added or combined into exhibits.”

Jim’s 48 acre museum is about two miles from our house. We can have the place pretty much to ourselves Saturday or we can join Richfield’s History Society’s tour Sunday. Some times observing other’s reactions to a place is as interesting as the place.