I don't know, except to say that when I hand roll my 4x5 in a Jobo Expert Drum using Kodak chemicals, I use the same times that I use for small tanks with hand agitation.

Digibase is expensive. It costs a lot even if you reuse it. Do one shot rotary processing with it, and you might as well just send your film to a pro lab for dip-n-dunk processing. It may even be cheaper than doing it one shot with the Digibase chemicals.

I was happy when they announced the kit, as Kodak discontinued their convenient one gallon kit (120 rolls for $75 at the time it was discontinued). But when Digibase came out, I did the math. IMO, at that price, there is not a lot of reason to use that product. Use it one shot (which you should do with rotary processing) and it is 4 to 5 times worse in terms of value.