As I'm about to embark on my very first C-41 quest in 4x5, I was wondering about the merits and potential pitfalls of the equipment and chemistry I have at hand. I will be developing Fuji 160S in a Jobo 3010, preheated but hand-rolled. The chemistry I can get in reasonable quantities are Tetenal's. C-41 CD-LR 3-part developer,(code: 104155), bleach CN-16 N2, made specifically for Fuji (102660) and C-41 FX-VR, which is an universal C-41/E-6 fixer (102671). Stabilizer is also Tetenal's, but I don't know the code. Are these chemicals good enough for a negative that is to have the finest grain, as it's intended for enlargements? What should I be careful the most about hand-rolling the big Expert drum (starting temperature, agitation speed etc.)? Do I absolutely need starters with developer and bleach?