[QUOTE=2F/2F;1239483]It is not a minor annoyance. It is a major design SNAFU that people have been complaining about for two decades now. Idiots! It is a little bit better on the digitals. At least you don't have to memorize custom function numbers and settings. QUOTE]

Ok I admit it is a major annoyance. I just didn't want to upset any of the staunch Canon lovers out there. For me, mirror lockup is a very important feature, and in my opinion should be easy as pie to activate on any camera that is claimed to be a professional body. But I'll live with it.

In any case, my point here was certainly never to imply that using tilt/shift lenses on 35mm cameras is some kind of substitute for large format. There is no substitute for bigger film, plain and simple. But adding functionality to 35mm cameras for my type of work is helpful.