The current issue of Lens Work had a pretty good article about a photographer's natural vision. The editor discussed how a photographer can take a variety of photographs well, but they always excell in one particular area over the rest, beit landscapes, portraits, close-up, etc. It caused me to look back the photos I've been taking the past few years and saw that I basically take 2 kinds of pictures: portraits and objects within a certain distace from the camera. While the portraits I take are nice, I find that the pictures of inanimate objects (usually outdoors) are exceedingly better. These are usually things that are about one to maybe 30 feet from the camera. Also my black and white photos always seem much better than my color a matter of fact I'd be hard pressed to find a color photo of mine that I like much at all.

So I was wondering if any of you have a certain niche of photography that you fit in. This can be a format, style, or even a particular printing process. I look forward to everyone's responses!