All I greatly appreciate all the suggestions!! You are all so kind!

2F/2F - Great idea re drop leaf, well see if contractor can do something. Yep ventilation is in the the bid. My main bid is walls, move light switch into darkroom, door, plumb sinks, venting. The rest I might do (tables, dry spaces (film and paper). It all depends on what the cost for the 4 main things I want (elec, exhaust, plumb, walls/door). Thanks for the heads up about the clearance re the 11” infont of drying rack, will think about that more! Viewing hood, humm will have to investigate, thanks for a thought re that!

Re the the Kreonite, it is in the orig drawing, I refer to it as a “slop sink”. My main sink is your typical wood 7 foot not-too-deep photo sink. My Kreonite, is deep, maybe 9 inches deep and 3 feet wide. It is where I plan to clean my trays, etc, that will contain splashing, etc.

This is the Kreyonite I got:

Frobozz - Thanks for the heads-up re Sketchup, will have to investigate. Re one of those revolving doors, I would love one, actually one listed the other day in Arlington Heights or maybe it was Palatine, anyway, it was only $100! Should have got it but oh well missed it. Anyway, you all will not like the sound of this, but my darkroom needs to have a regular door because on the north east side of the darkroom is the only door to get into the furnace/waterheater room. So a darkroom door needs to be typical size so I can get to it.

Jeffreyg - Great idea re sink lid, will have to look into! Yes exhaust is in the bid (see my reply above to 2F re my main specs (basically walls/door, elec, plumb, vent).

John - Overhead is thankfully finished drywall painted with some dimmable caned lights. Drying racks, I will prob build. I think the bid is will be a lot and I am going to prob build some and really only contract for the elec, walls, plumbing and vent. Storage closet? Well I am actually thinking of removing that wall sink in the northeast corner of the basement and making that my film drying closet. Not sure. I don’t run much film, maybe a roll or two a month so film drying is not a major requirement here but wd be nice. Love your Home Depot idea, will have to look into. Re saving an area for storage, yes I anticipate building a ton of storage under the tables, might use cabinets with a top like a kitchen (see ic-racer's layout). Trays will go under the sinks.

Monito – Thanks for the heads up re scketchup, will have to investigate sounds fun.

Allen - Great idea re laying out the layout with paper! I have a huge roll of craft paper I am gonna mock up. Stay tuned!

Silveror0 - I agree with you completely re it being too early for getting bids. But I gotta plead my case. I am getting new siding/gutters/roof/windows as we speak so my contractor and I got to talking about all that stuff in my garage that I have been collecting for my eventual darkroom. I showed him Apug's darkroom gallery to show him what a darkroom looks like, then I walked him through what I believe I mainly want (walls/door, elec, plumb, exhaust) and asked for a bid on that. Then a bid on building tables. Then a bid on building out all (cabinets, shelving, drying racks). So while he is around my house I got to thinking it might be best to have him ponder the costs, etc while he is here. I told him that I might not build till April or whenever I can pay for it because all the housework here is already doing is enough as it is!

You say: "Plumbing - behind the walls vs. accessibility for repairs, supply/drains" Why would I want behind the walls? If I sell the house I can tear out, re-mud, paint, re-carpet and be done. I cant see a reason to plumb behind the wall? Anyone disagree? My family wont really be in the room so they wont object to unsightly pipes.

Floor yeah was thinking those floor grids in restaurants? Thoughts?
How to best block light leaks around doors/windows – Yes I am with you, in the NW corner is a window that will either be blacked out or used for the venting/intake, I asked contractor to bid it both ways (use the window or vent elsewhere).

Ic-racer – table top cabinet is something I am considering. Heck every few days on Craigslist someone will post some cabinetry for free, might just grab some? Your darkroom is a palace!