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Recently, i got some darkroom stuff from a friend. I got an enlarger, some contrast filters, trays, tweezers, film clips and a box of paper.
The box contains:
Kenthene wt. 2/3 - Medium strong/mittelstark.
Zunow Hi-Q Bromide BN119 normal and BH112 hard
Dalvito DV111n Warm tone normal
and two packs of paper wrapped in black paper or plastic, without any brand on it.
The paper could be between 30 and 10 years old. I think it's in total 150 sheets of various sizes, mostly small sizes.

What developer could i use best, or which one is the most predictable/usable when using various types of old paper?

(I couldn't help but use some D76 to make my first print, and the kenthene paper seems to do it's job just fine, though contrast wasn't very good (i was printing from a colour negative and probably overexposing).
I think i found (another) new hobby, it's magical to see the image appearing on the paper... )
Hi Laurens,

You should be fine with any good print developer. I always liked Ilford Multigrade but your D76 should work well.

Printing from colour negs brings its own problems with colour sensitivity and contrast. Use a monochrome neg for best results.

Good luck,