I purchased this lens second hand from another APUGger, and I'll say it's everything it's cracked up to be. As a large format shooter, it wasn't difficult for me to learn how to use it, and I really see these lenses as very specialized optics for photographers who basically shoot with a large-format mentality, but for certain specific reasons need to use small format or an SLR in some particular situation.

Aside from uses that are off topic for APUG, the attraction of such a lens is for use where large format isn't an option, like where you might not be permitted to use a tripod, but you'll get a better shot with rise/fall or shift. Tilt and swing are not particularly useful without a tripod, but rise/fall and shift open up some real possibilities even for handheld photography. Diptychs using shift on a tripod are also another nice possibility with a lens like this.

And even when I don't need the movements, it's great to have such a fantastically sharp 24mm lens for 35mm.