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All we need is a headquarters, bulletin board or something.

I'm on Google+, an alternative to facebook with more controls. I see Schwab took up my invite and is there now as well. Yesterday Google+ moved from 'invitation only' to 'open beta' so anyone can create an account now. We could each have a Google+ 'circle' that included folks who will be in on the UP event. What happens inside a 'circle' of friends that you make in Google+ stays inside that circle, with no one else seeing it unless you specify that. You can also start a 'live hangout' on Google+, which is basically a live video conference with multiple members using web cams, each person logging in shows up in their own video window. Or you could just post to the group with your plans or suggestions for the day, breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening, etc.

Just a suggestion, not trying to sell a service or promote the social web. I'm no longer on facebook.


Looks like FilmSprocket is also on Google+.