Give some thought to storage of paper, chemicals, reels, trays, etc. I just have pegboard above my sink and have my dry side supported by cabinets. I used a Panasonic built in bathroom fan (ususally mounts in an attic to ventilate a bathroom), a baffled vent to the outside and a filtrete furnace filter mounted on the outlet of the fan. It controls dust well, but I wish I had a bit more through flow. Something to think about. I'd also consider swapping your slop sink unless the slop sink is part of your line of trays. When you consider the height of your enlarger table, also look at the ceiling height and decide if your enlarger can reach full height. Lastly, I'd definitely mount the enlarger on your table directly and adding a drop table. That can make your bench height reasonable and still get the enlargement size you need when you want it. I'd be happy to show you my darkroom and all the good ideas and mistakes that went with it. I'm in Highland Park.